Scope of MBA

The Indian economy is considered to be world’s fastest growing major economy.

India’s GDP is expected to hit $9.59 trillion by the end of 2017, with the Industry sector alone expected to contribute about 30% to overall GDP of the country. With India poised to be one of the 2nd largest economies by mid century, there is a tremendous opportunity for growth of jobs in both the private & public sectors.

One of the most job roles most in demand is for qualified MBA professionals who qualify from Top MBA Colleges in India; as they bring thought leadership, operational, analytical and managerial skills to manage the resources, finances & operations of every company.

The Masters of Business Administration (M.B.A or MBA) is a master’s degree in business administration and management awarded once the student successfully completes the training program. The MBA program from the Best MBA colleges in Bangalore covers both core courses such as accounting, finance, marketing, human resources, and operations and elective courses with the course curriculum being designed in a manner that is most relevant to management analysis & strategy.

Scope of MBA

Based on rough industry estimates, take a look at the pie chart below to see the demand for MBA professionals across different functional job roles.

One of the main reasons for the growth of MBA jobs in India has been due to the shift of the Indian economy from an agricultural based economy to a knowledge based one. Several surveys have found that 90% of MBAs are placed into challenging jobs with handsome pay packages once they get Admission in MBA and successfully complete the training program. There are full- time, part- time MBA programs along with Executive MBA (EMBA) programs offered by various MBA colleges in Bangalore.

While there are several elective specializations provided by Top MBA colleges in Bangalore, let’s take a quick look at the kind of job roles you could consider in each segment.


With an MBA in marketing, you could look at devising various brand strategies to recognition & loyalty for your company’s products around the world. Or you could look at leading advertising campaigns, conducting marketing research, brand positioning, executing marketing & sales strategies


If you are good with numbers, finances & book keeping, then MBA finance is the way forward. You can look at various advisory roles in large investment banks, in accountancy, corporate finance as well as in insurance & mergers, acquisitions & risk management.

Human Resources

With employee attrition rates hitting the roof, recruiting, up skilling, managing & retaining the human resource pool has become one of the biggest challenges of any organization. If these are your interest areas then an MBA in human resources can lead you to strategic career opportunities in employee relations management, Learning & Development (L&D), recruitment & talent management, compensation & rewards management as well as in succession planning.

Operations, Manufacturing & Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Organizations can cut down on manufacturing costs & produce goods at optimal rates, but they also need to have a streamlined shipping strategy in place to ensure products reach consumers at pre- committed delivery timelines. You can help build organizational logistical & manufacturing capabilities with an MBA in Operations and work in logistics management, stock control & supply chain management.


If Economics interests you and you are interested in predicting future trends in consumption & trade , then you can work in accounting in investment banks, accountancy firms & even as policy makers with the government.

Management consultant

Several management consulting firms like McKinsey & Co, Bain Capital , The Boston Consulting Group provide strategic & management advice to several companies on various managerial issues and towards improving the company’s overall performance & standing in the market. This is one of the most popular career choices of MBA graduates worldwide. You can be a part of this prestigious assignment in blue chip companies by providing strategic leadership, decision making and coping with high level changes in an organization and be rewarded with a lucrative salary in the bargain as well.

Project Manager

Due to the thorough training an MBA candidate he is fully equipped to handle all aspects of business and you therefore become eligible for a Project Manager’s role overseeing execution of the entire project end-to-end.

Self- Employed

Bangalore is considered to be the start- up capital of the world. And no wonder as it has the largest group of young professionals starting off on their own entrepreneurial ventures. On completion of the MBA training program and after having been grilled on the various aspects of business, you too can start off on your entrepreneurial journey.

So if you are looking to start off on this exciting journey with Direct Admission in MBA, Management Quota admission in MBA & MBA admission in Bangalore then get in touch with  India’s leading educational consultant IES today.

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